Oncostele orchids are Oncidium and Rhynchostele intergeneric hybrids with an appearance leaning closer to Rhynchosteles. Oncidium crosses are an easy, forgiving group of orchids perfect for those who tend to like watering their plants a lot. They grow well in a wide variety of conditions which vary depending on the cultivar, though generally prefer very bright light and semi-frequent watering. Oncidiums have characteristic clustered sprays of small blooms that have gained the nickname "dancing ladies", however this hybrid has larger, brighter blooms with the classic heavy fragrance of an Oncidium. Perfect for beginner growers looking for a hardy hydrophilic orchid.



Registered name: Oncostele Cheyenne Marie 'Green Gecko'

Parent lineage: Oncostele Romance x Oncostele Firecat

Pot Size: 4in

Plant height: 6in

Blooming size: YES, blooms last 2 months min

Bloom info: 2in bright fire red blooms, will bloom at any time of year

Fragrant: VERY, chocolate or vanilla smell 



Potting mix: Long fiber sphagnum or fine orchid bark, repot yearly (after blooming)

Light: Medium-bright indirect light. Keep out of direct sunbeams.

Water: Water often in hot months when media is nearly dry, decrease in cold months to prevent rot

Temp: Intermediate (65F min night, 75F max day), hardy

Humidity: 50-75%, tolerant of lower humidity

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering. Decrease to monthly in winter and flush pot monthly with regular water to prevent salt and nitrogen build up.

Ons. Cat Love 4in