Ianclarkara orchids are in the Zygopetalum family and as a result have similar care requirements. Orchid hybrids usually take on hardier traits than their ancestors. Zygopetalum orchids are among the easiest to grow. Tolerant of a wide variety of growing conditions, these unique plants have complex bloom patterns that often include green and purple mottling. Keep evenly moist but not sopping wet to entice these beauties to root and spike. Leaves should look yellow-green during the summer and deep green leaves indicate too low of light.



Registered name: Ink. Cheyenne Marie 'Green Gecko'

Parent lineage: Zygopetalum family

Pot Size: 4in

Plant height: 18in

Blooming size: YES, blooms last 1-2 months at min

Bloom info: 2-3in, light green with fine purple spots and white lip, bloom time variable

Fragrant: Lightly



Potting mix: Long fiber sphagnum or fine orchid bark+perlite mix, repot every 3 years

Light: Medium-bright indirect light

Water: Water often in hot months when media is nearly dry, decrease in cold months to prevent rot

Temp: Intermediate (50F min night, 90F max day), tolerant of temp fluctuations

Humidity: 50-75%, tolerant of lower humidity

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free fertilizer, every other watering. Decrease to monthly in winter

Ink. Cheyenne Marie 'Green Gecko' 4in