Dendrobium orchids, a widely diverse genus, are naturally tall growers. They have long, stretched modified pseudobulbs and many varieties grow impressively large flower spikes. This Den. Latouria type orchid has twisted mint-chip petals and an attractive deep purple lip. Great for warm windowsills. 



Registered name: Den. latouria hybrid

Parent cross: Den. macrophyllum x Micro Chip

Pot Size: 4in

Plant height: 12in

Blooming size: YES

Bloom info: Twisted, Latouria-type with speckled light yellow blooms and striped dark purple lip accents

Fragrant: YES, delicate faint fragrance in warm temps



Potting mix: Coarse orchid bark, repot every 2-4 years

Light: Bright indirect light

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is dry, decrease in cold months

Temp: Intermediate (55F min, 75F max)

Humidity: 60-80%, tolerant of medium humidity

Fertilizing: 1/4 strength urea-free fertilizer 20-20-20, every other watering. Decrease to monthly in winter

Den. macrophyllum x Micro Chip 4in