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CURRENTLY BLOOMING! Dendrobium orchids, a widely diverse genus, are naturally tall growers. They have thin, stretched pseudobulbs and grow long impressive flower spikes. 'Hiang Beauty' has unique white and purple flowers that don't overwhelm. An easy grower and great choice for beginners. Medium-large plant!


Recommended care

Light: Medium to bright indirect preferred. Windowsill growing is encouraged!


Water: Water deeply when top of media is nearly dry (about twice a week) but do not allow to sit in water.


Potting media: Coarse bark mix or bark+moss mix. Leave underpotted, and repot appx every 2-4 years.


Temp: 65-75F Day - 55-60F Night preferred.


Humidity: 50-70% preferred, tolerant of lower humidity. 


Fertilizing: 20-20-20 fertilizer diluted to 1/2 recommended strength every other watering. Decrease in winter. 

Den. Hiang Beauty

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