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Dendrobium orchids, a widely diverse genus, are naturally tall growers. They have thin, stretched pseudobulbs and grow long impressive flower spikes. This mini Den. is a cute, compact cross with small leaves and delicate pink flowers.


Recommended care

Light: Medium to bright indirect preferred. Windowsill growing is encouraged!


Water: Water deeply when top of media is nearly dry (about twice a week) but do not allow to sit in water.


Potting media: Coarse bark mix or bark+moss mix. Leave underpotted, and repot appx every 2-4 years.


Temp: 65-75F Day - 55-60F Night preferred.


Humidity: 50-70% preferred, tolerant of lower humidity. 


Fertilizing: 20-20-20 fertilizer diluted to 1/2 recommended strength every other watering. Decrease in winter. 

Den. Cherry Dance (mini)

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