Brassavola and hybrids

About: Brassavola hybrids are widely sought after, exotic orchids that enjoy bright indirect to direct light and frequent watering in the Summer months. Also commonly called the "Lady of the Night" orchid, Brassavola nodosa is native to Panama and has an intoxicating aroma only at night to attract moths as pollinators. The understated, star-shaped flowers are well known as having one of the most attractive scents in the orchid world and are prized as collector plants. 

Potting mix: Coarse orchid bark mix or bark mount, repot once fully root bound

Light: Bright indirect light - dappled sun

Water: Water frequently in hot months when media is dry, decrease in cold months

Temp: Intermediate-warm (60F min night, 85F max day)

Humidity: 60-80%, tolerant of medium humidity. Enjoys morning misting.

Fertilizing: 1/2 strength urea-free balanced fertilizer, every other watering. Decrease to monthly in winter

**Some species require unique conditions, consult species reference for more exact info ( recommended).

pcv key lime stars.jpeg